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Rules and Conduct

At all TJ Sports, LLC events, our primary focus is on the safety of all participants and secondly to make sure you are having fun!  Competitiveness is a natural part of sports and is not discouraged, but a “win at all costs” mentality or overly aggressive play has no place at a TJ Sports – Knockerball event.  Remember, this is about having fun, no matter your skill or experience level.  The rules and conduct expected during each TJ Sports – Knockerball event will be clearly described by your event official/coordinator and will include:

  • Player Responsibilities – Players competing in Knockerball are expected to read and follow all rules contained herein. If there are any rules that are unclear they should be discussed with the official of the event before the start of play.  Officials and/or coordinator will have the final say in any and all matters pertaining to Knockerball safety.
  • Officials Responsibility – The official is directly responsible for the Knockerball games and that all rules are followed at all times. Officials are committed to remaining impartial and unbiased as to foster a fun and enjoyable atmosphere while overseeing the safety of all participants.
  • Player Conduct – Players are expected to conduct themselves in a way that is respectful to themselves, other participants, and officials. Good sportsman like conduct is always expected.  Any behavior deemed inappropriate by the official will not be tolerated and may result in ceasing of the game.
  • Number of Players – Although there is no limit to the number of players that can participate in a Knockerball event, there is a maximum of 10 players on the field at any time. Substitutions are allowed and encouraged at any time during play.
  • Equipment and Attire – Unless otherwise specified, players should wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes. Barefeet or loose fitting sandals are not permitted. Slip on knee pads will provided to each player.  All jewelry, cellphones, keys, pens/pencils, knives, or any other sharp object that may scratch or puncture the Knockerball (or participant) are strictly prohibited.